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22 may 2021

They say Slavic women are Goddesses, but do you feel like one? I know that many of us feel unconfident about ourselves as much as not being satisfied with life.

Unfortunately, Russian men’s mentality doesn’t work for women's happiness. So we struggle to be perfect in everything. We work, study, give birth, raise children, take care of our husband, do sports, follow diets...

Trust me, here in the USA I have never heard of any courses like «How to become for him ...» or «How to make him ...» or «How to do one thing during sex that’ll drive him crazy ...». 

Why? A lot of Russian men are convinced that they always have a choice and that they do deserve a queen when they don’t. Americans don't think so. They are ready to fight for a relationship, to work on it, they value marriage and family very much.

A common phrase I often hear from American men: «Happy woman - happy family». At the beginning of dating you may think he is not generous or romantic enough. But trust me, after you officially become a couple, you are gonna enjoy this relationship. It’s very important for a man to be sure that he is really important and interesting to you. When he is sure of this, you will be the center of his universe!

I encourage you to register on VeraInDate and take control of your future! The service can provide you with a high-quality base of members and strong security. Online dating is easy and free for all women! 

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