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22 may 2021

“To meet a real soulmate is a blessing”, this one of the messages I received from my female client after the publication of my post.


 I immediately remembered the movie "The One" ❤️. I think each of us has ever thought about the fact that somewhere in the world there is our only one soulmate.  And how wonderful it would be to meet him or her on your life path.  


In this TV show, one young researcher discovers a way to find the perfect DNA mate and creates a huge company that provides pairing services.  She and her friend tried to replace God's providence with chemical formulas.


 It took my breath away from the prospects of such a discovery, and of course, to be honest, I dream to create a such an ambitious service as well. 


 The fantastic component of this show is just the fact of a scientific discovery.  Everything else is more psychological in nature.  Love and lies twist into a complex spiral and destroy the life of the woman- creator? This exciting story proves that even with the help of science, true love is never easy.


 Many people will  be happy with the opportunity to find one and only one partner and create such a service - it may sound fantastic right now.


And in 20 years?  Perhaps, I can offer you this type of service! This could be very real.  But there can be many nuances and not all of them are so joyful.


 Let's think about ...

 ❓ What if you are still 25, and your soulmate is already over 70?

 ❓If your ideal person has problems with the law and is in prison?

 ❓If you are married (like it happened in the movie)?


 What if .... Let's dream it up yourself!

 Write your pros and cons ✨

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