“Me and my husband have been inseparable since that day, so I believed there are a lot of lost souls like us. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a service like VeraInDate.” Vera Knyazeva-Seibert, Founder & Matchmaker


21st Jul 2022

I’ve moved to the USA after meeting my husband at the ‘match-making’ party organized by my friend. After spending my whole life in Russia, I was surprised about american lifestyle and responsible, family- oriented men.


I was so glad to discover this in my 40s. Many people here constantly compliment me and tell me that I’m young. At first I was looking for a trick, I was worried they told me this just to be polite. The truth is they are really honest about it.
Americans can quit a job, leave their hometown and change their lives completely after their 40s. To start a baking business after years of working at a bank? Easy! Nothing is impossible if this is your dream and true passion.


Not literally, of course. What I’ve personally seen: a woman was wearing a warm hat, jacket and boots while her baby stayed with bare toes sticking out from under his pants. All I thought about was “How is she not deprived of parental rights?”

But it makes sense. This is a culture and a way to toughen your child up.


There are much more fathers with their children compared to Russia.

  • Jogging in the park with a stroller
  • Family biking: dad and his child
  • Dad is going to the gym with his child and provides fun exercises or stops by a playroom 
  • Dad is doing groceries with his son
  • A lot of men joining dad courses that build the skills, knowledge, and confidence of dads-to-be

In conclusion, the USA is an amazing country to live and to build a family!

21st Jul 2022
Have you ever questioned your relationships? A secret about Slavic Woman!

Have you ever questioned your relationships?

If your ever questioned your relationships- let me be honest, this is not your person. There are three bullet points why not:

1. You are not being present with them.

2. They are probably not consistent.  

3. Relationships with them don’t feel stable and grounded. 

What I actually find the most attractive about Slavic women is that they are direct and know what they want. It’s a man who is protective and able to make decisions fast. Having reliable shoulders makes Slavic woman thrive and be balanced at home. If you are tired from the constant emotional waves and instability, you can try your chance here to find your Slavic soulmate!✨

14th Jul 2022
Signs that your woman is ready to settle!

Signs that your woman is ready to settle:

1- She has been working one job for a while; there are no rapid changes in her work life.

2- She takes responsibility for her words & actions.

3- She has life goals and clear perspective on her future- career growth and family life.

15th Jun 2022
10 Good morning messages to make her smile all day!

10 Good morning messages to make her smile all day!✨????

1. One of my greatest blessings is to wake up every day and know that you are in my life. Good morning my love.

2. Good morning my love! I wish I could wake up in your arms every morning.

3. I could not let you start the day without telling you how great to have you in my life.

4. I have been told this message needs to go to the most amazing woman in the world and now you are reading it: good morning!

5. This message is to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you since the moment I woke up.

6. Sending many kisses this morning to the one and only woman in my life.

7. Being in love with you makes every morning a good morning.

8. Good morning, can’t wait to cover you with kisses next time you wake up next to me.

9. Good morning to the woman who fills my life with happiness.

10. You are a dream I don’t want to wake up from.

17th May 2022
5 Things to Remember When Dating Online

1. Know your expectations and the qualities you find attractive.

Use your experience from the past romantic relationship- it will help you to make a difference between compatibility and chemistry.

2. Be ready: there are plenty of fish in the sea.

While Verindate team checks and verifies every registered woman, not all dating services do that. Find your reliable and trustworthy platform.

3. Be confident.

With each conversation, it will get easier. You’ll develop your surefire phrases and realize that you are a catch.

4. You establish your own boundaries in every conversation.

Managing messages helps to learn to set boundaries so your needs and priorities are kept in check.

5. Remember that there is a human on the other end.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Tell us more about your past online dating experience! Our goal is to build the unique community where you can feel safe sharing your knowledge and expressing yourself.

5th Mar 2022

Hello everyone! My name is Vera and I’m the creator of the dating site you are currently scrolling. This is our personal and professional blog, where we will share with you inspiring and real love stories, tips about finding your soulmate online anywhere around the world and more. 
For my first post here I would like you to read my husband's words. As a matchmaker, I value the trust of my clients, and I hope it will let you know me more.

«Imagine meeting someone who wants to learn about your past? And rather than punish you for it, they understand you need to be loved. Well, that's my wife Vera. When I first met Vera I was comfortable in the thought of being alone, yet wanted a woman in my life who I could trust with my heart. I wasn't willing to „settle“ as they say.

I was introduced to Vera through a friend, a friend who knew me and invited me to a small party, and Vera was there too. So, in theory, it was a „match-making“ evening. Oftentimes it takes someone in your environment who knows you and has the ability to say „I know just the person you would connect with on all levels“. From the moment I met Vera, I was in love. I knew she was perfect for me.

Each day I thank God Vera walked into my life. My only wish is that I would have met her many years ago, for it was her I always saw in my dreams. Thank goodness, sometimes your friends know you better than you know yourself».

Me and my husband have been inseparable since that day, so I believed there are a lot of lost souls like us. That’s how I came up with the idea of creating a service like VeraInDate. Since my husband is from the USA and I’m from Russia, i decided to make an online platform that connects people from different parts of the world. If you believe love has no boundaries and want to find your future husband or wife online, register right now. Our service will help you find a suitable partner and develop communication.

5th Mar 2022

I have created this site based on my own experience. I personally know the fears of a woman going to register on a dating site, especially to meet a foreign man:


Dating sites and dating apps have become a brand new thing since COVID-19 had striked. Modern technologies allow you to use many resources, and there are translators on our website who will help you translate the registration forms for free.


Based on my own experience there is no one who is able to build your happiness but you. Once you start dating online and change your life completely, your friends and siblings will ask to visit you. 


Surprisingly, everyday life in Russia makes you a perfect magical creature every American man wishes for. Our loyal, empathetic and flexible nature helps us getting used to a new environment and lifestyle.

❗ ❗ ❗ The main thing for you is to understand that a registration on dating sites is not a shame. If you are single, come and register right now. There are many single men in the USA and many of them want a serious relationship, a lot of them are dreaming of slavic wives.

I have created an international dating site and I am currently forming a female database. This site will be presented for Christmas to American men — Merry Christmas! You can be the first one to be noticed by them if you sign up now!

Any dream is a well-planned goal, right? Don’t wait for a sign, register on VeraInDate and maximize your chances of finding your soulmate in the USA.

5th Mar 2022

They say Slavic women are Goddesses, but do you feel like one? I know that many of us feel unconfident about ourselves as much as not being satisfied with life.

Unfortunately, Russian men’s mentality doesn’t work for women's happiness. So we struggle to be perfect in everything. We work, study, give birth, raise children, take care of our husband, do sports, follow diets...

Trust me, here in the USA I have never heard of any courses like «How to become for him ...» or «How to make him ...» or «How to do one thing during sex that’ll drive him crazy ...». 

Why? A lot of Russian men are convinced that they always have a choice and that they do deserve a queen when they don’t. Americans don't think so. They are ready to fight for a relationship, to work on it, they value marriage and family very much.

A common phrase I often hear from American men: «Happy woman - happy family». At the beginning of dating you may think he is not generous or romantic enough. But trust me, after you officially become a couple, you are gonna enjoy this relationship. It’s very important for a man to be sure that he is really important and interesting to you. When he is sure of this, you will be the center of his universe!

I encourage you to register on VeraInDate and take control of your future! The service can provide you with a high-quality base of members and strong security. Online dating is easy and free for all women! 

5th Mar 2022

“To meet a real soulmate is a blessing”, this one of the messages I received from my female client after the publication of my post.


 I immediately remembered the movie "The One" ❤️. I think each of us has ever thought about the fact that somewhere in the world there is our only one soulmate.  And how wonderful it would be to meet him or her on your life path.  


In this TV show, one young researcher discovers a way to find the perfect DNA mate and creates a huge company that provides pairing services.  She and her friend tried to replace God's providence with chemical formulas.


 It took my breath away from the prospects of such a discovery, and of course, to be honest, I dream to create a such an ambitious service as well. 


 The fantastic component of this show is just the fact of a scientific discovery.  Everything else is more psychological in nature.  Love and lies twist into a complex spiral and destroy the life of the woman- creator? This exciting story proves that even with the help of science, true love is never easy.


 Many people will  be happy with the opportunity to find one and only one partner and create such a service - it may sound fantastic right now.


And in 20 years?  Perhaps, I can offer you this type of service! This could be very real.  But there can be many nuances and not all of them are so joyful.


 Let's think about ...

 ❓ What if you are still 25, and your soulmate is already over 70?

 ❓If your ideal person has problems with the law and is in prison?

 ❓If you are married (like it happened in the movie)?


 What if .... Let's dream it up yourself!

 Write your pros and cons ✨