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VeraInDate is an international matchmaking service founded by Vera Knyazeva- Seibert, professional matchmaker.We simply offer you two options- you can choose an individual partner search on your own, or you can let me work directly with you. You are a busy man, you don’t have time to be judged by algorithms that may or may not put you in touch with that right lady, and then spend hours upon hours sending messages. A place where communication goes to die. However, we have a better way to find and meet Russian and Ukrainian women:
Create your free profile and personality test and browse through dozens of matches.
Book your free 30 minutes consultation with Vera and get into a more personal details of your wants and wishes.
Browse through hundreds of potential matches just waiting for you. And with your plan, possible hand chosen matches that fit your desires.
From matches to our services, we strive to improve the quality of our platform. Your feedback is very much appreciated.
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We would have never met without VeraInDate!
For the first time since I began searching for my life partner, I finally found the right site. I have used other matchmaking services in the past, and all of them pale in comparison. So is Vera and her exclusive matchmaking services worth it?...YOU BETCHA!
We would have never met without VeraInDate!
I highly recommend Vera to anyone that is looking for a life partner. I will stake my reputation on it. Vera offers an elegant and thoughtful way to meet your potential partner with her caring services.
We would have never met without VeraInDate!
Not only does Vera take the time to match you with the right person (and persons that she personally knows well) but she provides support along the way with whomever you are matched with. Any situation you want to get her opinion on, she’s there for you and cheerfully share what to do. Of course I’ve seen and even participated in other “matchmaking services”, but Vera offers a more personalized experience. We are all looking for love, Vera will bring that to you.
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